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Our Commitment

Embix Watch Importing Co. has been in the watch trade in Canada continuously since 1959. Our striving for improvement provides the basis for our standard of quality, service and knowledge. We make every attempt to exceed the average trade level in both design and value in our market. We are committed to the integrity of value, and our pricing reinforces our competitiveness without any compromise of quality.


Embix Watch Co., was founded by our patron, Mr. Emil Bixenspanner, in conjunction with his wife Madame Edith Bixenspanner. He started the company by peddling watches from door to door, thus establishing a loyal customer base that until today remains the basis of our company.

Company Name

When registering the company, he used a combination of the first few letters of his first and last name, to name the company, EMBIX.

Next Generation

In 1969 the company was joined by our President Mr. Robert Bixenspanner, and a few years later in 1973 by our Vice President Mr. Raphael Bixenspanner, who together with their parents led the company to grow from a small enterprise into a leader in the Canadian watch industry.


Embix has several divisions, and we specialize in each one of them, amongst them are:

  • Licensed distribution of brand name watches across Canada.
  • Premium & Incentive watches, based on the customer’s program and needs.
  • Watch Customization, whether it be in house logo printing, watch case engraving, or sourcing new designs and styling based on the customer’s dream
  • MintWatch – creating watches, gifts and memories, using coins from Mints all around the world
  • E-commerce, to fulfill all your drop-shipping needs

Brands we carry

  • Bering - Inspired by Arctic beauty, itself named after the strait of BERING
  • Festina – a well-recognized fashion brand
  • Festina Swiss - A capsule collection that's made in Switzerland
  • STORM London – a unique brand with watches like no other
  • Maserati – A niche brand inspired by the Maserati car
  • Lee Cooper - An entry level fashion brand with inspiring models
  • Lee Cooper Originals - A DIGITAL collection from the makers of Lee Cooper
  • Continental Geneve – A classical house brand that can be customized to the customers needs
  • Del Mar – A sports and diving brand

We are constantly updating our profile, to bring the consumer the best that the watch world has to offer. 


We offer a full service department and do all repairs in-house, to offer consistent Quality Control. We routinely inventory all parts needed to support our Customer Service. We are dedicated to provide reliable delivery and excellent after sales service.


We are proud members of the following Canadian Associations in the Jewellery industry.

Fashion FeastCanadian Jewellery Group

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